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What is integrated communications? And, how does it support business success? Integrated communications is a style and flavour of communications unique to The Sisters.

The philosophy provides a framework to design and deliver communication goals, outcomes, measures and outputs for our clients. We believe that being authentic includes speaking to all audiences with respect, both external and internal, and that this approach builds real brand equity.

The Sisters will come on board to assist you to strategise, plan and connect your outgoing story to your internal story. Empowering people inside the business to understand and share how they contribute to the whole fundamentally strengthens the story you share with your external audiences – making for a stronger, more cohesive, and fuller experience that has positive lasting effects.

This unique approach is shaped by brand values and social objectives – ensuring that every outcome is personalised to your business, and your people.

Below are a few of our most popular services.

Outsourced Communications

Working with The Sisters allows businesses to realise the potential of their wider communications ecosystem.

Sometimes we just need a helping hand. The Sisters outsourced communications is based on an integrated communications philosophy. We provide communications strategy, creative marketing, and outsourced communications solutions, allowing for broader support and alignment with strategic communication goals.

Our current portfolio of work for clients includes publications, social media tactics, brand frameworks, internal and external communications, integrated campaigns, and corporate communication management.

Strategic Communications Management

Credit: Kate MacPherson courtesty of Wakatű Inc.

For clients with more complex needs, The Sisters will introduce a framework to give the myriad of smaller communications cohesion and context.

We will then help create and deliver a journey of communications based on this framework, sharing stories and building connections over time.

This planned approach allows more nuanced communications and values to be layered over time so a relationship can be built with mutual understanding.

Programmes of Learning

The fastest way to learn a new skill is from someone who is well-versed in that discipline. The Sisters can guide you and your team to a higher level of proficiency.

The Sisters support all internal champions of your business or organisation — from executives to grass-root team members.

Our range of training workshops include media training, communicating as an effective leader, diversity programmes, cultural competency programmes, and internal communications tactics, from writing emails which enlist and invite, to finding your social media flair.

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